This site is under construction

Speedy Composer will be a new website for composing melodies automatically for members of Speedy Net. It will use the technology of Artificial Neural Networks to compose melodies for you. The melodies you compose will be saved in your personal compositions directory. You will be able to rename compositions, delete them and share them with your friends.

Speedy Composer will be available in two languages - English and Hebrew. If you want to know how it works, you can read the documentation from November 1999.

All the features on Speedy Composer will be free of charge. Speedy Net and Speedy Composer are free software & open source projects. If you want to help developing Speedy Composer, please contact me by email.

Speedy Composer is named after Speedy, a female dog that was with us for many years and died in 2003. Speedy gave birth to 7 puppies in 1988.

Thank you and good luck,
Uri Rodberg
Founder and Director of Speedy Net and Speedy Composer,
Speedy Paz Technologies Ltd.